Friday, September 25, 2020

Interviews with Technology Leaders


Five Tips for CIOs Leading Remote Workforces

As a CIO you are used to having the answers in your back pocket. Crafting data-driven solutions to increase...

Q&A: Lisa McVey, Chief Information Officer – National Christian Foundation

Lisa McVey is the Chief Information Officer at the National Christian Foundation (NCF), a nonprofit ministry and grantmaking foundation headquartered in Alpharetta,...

The Strategic, the Tactical, and the Ability to Pivot

In times of crisis, the mettle of a leader is tested and the disparities between true leaders and leaders in title alone...

We’ve Always Done It This Way​

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was a rarity and one of the leading computer scientists of her time. A time when women weren't really...

CIO Insight: The Saga of the Shrinking Office Footprint

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher once wrote "There is nothing permanent except change". Not a business leader among...

Diverse Thoughts, Different Perspectives, and Unique Approaches to Building Effective Teams

“Congratulations Rita, we’ve decided to promote you. Effective tomorrow, you’ll be the new manager of the quality assurance team,” said the director...


CIO Insight: CIO Priorities Emerging from the Pandemic

Starting the year with grand plans in place for 2020, technology leaders and their organizations were thrown a curveball when the pandemic...

How to Create a Data-Focused Culture

As a CIO, data is at the core of everything you do. For others, though, data may be seen as insignificant and...

Outsource Your Whole IT Team…Well Almost

What is Outsourcing? Just to be sure we’re on the same page, let’s look at an Internet definition of...


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