Sunday, January 24, 2021

Monica Rozenfeld, TNCR Contributing Writer

Monica Rozenfeld, TNCR Contributing Writer
Monica Rozenfeld is a journalist and product marketer. She cofounded Her Product Lab — a global community and incubator to help women launch digital products.

Why Searches Fail | The War for Talent

Searching for Top Talent? Here’s What You Need to Consider Talent acquisition can be one of the greatest challenges for any leader — and, for...

IBM Chief Information Officer Fletcher Previn – Enabling a Global Workforce in a Pandemic

Continued innovation has always been a key driver of any successful business technology function and has been necessary to keep up with the ever-evolving...

Comcast: A Digital-First Journey

Scott McAllister is no stranger to digital transformation. He has spent the last 20-plus years leading organizations in redefining how customers experience brands through...

How to Get Buy-In for Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Uprooting the way things have always been done is no easy task. The key to any successful digital transformation strategy is getting the rest...


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