As a CIO, data is at the core of everything you do. For others, though, data may be seen as insignificant and tricky to understand. You understand data’s inherent value— it’s time your team does, too. A data-focused workplace culture will demystify the world of metric...

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in tech.  How underrepresented are they, really?  Is any progress being made?  What does the future hold for women in tech?  Here’s what current data reveals.

The Numbers

Women make up more than 50% of th...

Any hiring manager, HR professional, recruiter, or job candidate with a few years under their belt knows that in the last decade the hiring process at most mid to large companies has changed drastically from what is was just a few years earlier.  And when I say changed...

Over the next few years, CIOs will be tasked with steering cultural change in their respective organizations in order to drive the digital transformation efforts that are necessary to support innovation and implement customer-centric strategies.  Gartner predicts that...

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