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CIO Insight: CIO Reporting Structure

Many, many moons ago, in my younger days as a Chief Information Officer, I reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer of my company.  For me, the reporting structure did not matter as I was just happy to have my first CIO role.  In fact, during the late 90’s the majority of CIOs reported in that fashion, and it was the norm.

Over the next 20 years or so, the reporting structure of the CIO was, and remains, an active topic of conversation as how to best influence change within an organization and gain that proverbial “seat at the table.”

In May 2020, The National CIO Review polled our 2000+ member CIO Professional Network to obtain a current state of the CIO reporting structure. 

To whom, in fact, should a CIO report?

The data shows that the current structure for most CIOs or Technology Leaders has them reporting directly to the CEO or President of the company. As this is an increase as reported in other industry studies, we expect that this trend will continue.

The CIO Professional Network is an active, 2000+ member, invitation-only network where technology leaders share best practices and insight on common issues. The network provides a forum for ongoing and mutually beneficial interactions. Vendor-free membership is by invitation only and is restricted to the top IT, security or digital professional for their respective organization. To request membership navigate to the CIO Professional Network.

H. Michael Burgett, TNCR Contributing Writer
H. Michael Burgett, TNCR Contributing Writer
H. Michael Burgett has more than 30 years of experience in the technology sector. He is the founder of CIO Partners, a nationally recognized executive search firm with a niche in the technology sector specializing in top-level leadership engagements.
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