How to make

Your First 100 Days As CIO

A Resounding Success

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You’ve been promoted from within or hired externally to the role of CIO. Studies show that two years after a new executive transition, as many as half are regarded as failures or disappointments (McKinsey). First impressions are hard to overcome, and a CIO’s first 100 days are heavily weighted in terms of how others will assess their overall success. The best way to approach this period is determined by both the size and the mode of the organization. Work with Info-Tech to prepare a 100-day plan that will position you for success.

Your Challenge

  • You’ve been promoted from within to the role of CIO.

  • You’ve been hired externally to take on the role of CIO.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Foundational understanding must be achieved before you start. Hit the ground running before day one by using company documents and initial discussions to pin down the company’s type and mode.

  • Listen before you act (usually). In most situations, executives benefit from listening to peers and staff before taking action.

  • Identify quick wins early and often. Fix problems as soon as you recognize them to set the tone for your tenure.

Impact and Result

  • Collaborate to collect the details needed to identify the right mode for your organization and determine how it will influence your plan.

Use Info-Tech’s diagnostic tools to align your vision with that of business executives and form a baseline for future reference.

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