An AI-Driven Ecosystem

Is Emerging

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In 2020, AI is going to accelerate technological change

Over the past decade, the number of scientific papers published on Artificial Intelligence has outpaced papers published on computer science. As of 2017, the number of AI papers had increased 7x over the previous 20 years, while computer science papers increased just 5x in that same time frame according to the AI Index. The interest from researchers shows how important AI is going to be relative to other computer technologies in the years ahead.

AI is also seeing greater interest from new undergraduate students enrolling in introductory courses and conference attendees seeking agendas dedicated to AI. The AI renaissance is also impacting the
commercial space. The number of US based startups developing AI systems or using AI as an integral part of the business increased 113% from 2015 to 2018, backed by a 350% increase in venture capital funding (AI Index). Job openings requiring AI skills are soaring, as are the number of AI patents being filed worldwide.


As AI driven processes become more sophisticated and are specialized to solve more industry problems, there’s no telling how much AI could influence existing business processes. Everything is
on the table for automation or augmentation.

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