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Georgia CIO of the Year Award Winners Announced

This morning, the Georgia CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary by recognizing the accomplishments of Chief Information Officers in the state of Georgia. Announced at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, the Awards welcomed a broad group of candidates that represented companies of different sizes and diverse industries. The event was organized and run by the Inspire CIO Leadership Network.

“An independent CIO Awards program, with finalists and winners selected by peers (prior winners), provides important recognition of CIO successes and vital third party credibility that CIOs have told us helps them take risks and make difficult changes inside their organizations,” Frank Bell, Founder of Inspire CIO Leadership Network told us. “In addition, by convening the leading CIOs in a community for the Awards, we have observed how CIOs develop friendships, share best practices, collaborate and sharpen their leadership skills.”

The Georgia CIO of the Year Awards recognize significant professional accomplishment across a variety of industries. Nominees must work in the role of CIO or a position that is the equivalent in IT operations. These leaders must also work at an organization based in the state of Georgia. After meeting the above criteria, nominees must demonstrate added business value, engagement in their industry and management effectiveness, as defined by the Awards.

The finalists for the 2018 Awards came from a diverse selection of industries and were recognized across eight different categories. Representing organizations such as Inspire Brands, GreenSky, and the Georgia Technology Authority, these executives demonstrated the importance of strong technology leadership for any company.

“We view these awards as an important way to recognize the outstanding CIOs and other top technology leaders in Georgia,” Joe Gross, President of CIO Partners, said. “Our firm always take great pride in nominating finalists for this event and commending great accomplishments in IT leadership.”

The Georgia CIO of the Year Awards underscore the growth of the technology industry. Organizations increasingly recognize that they need skilled technology leaders to lead their IT operations and that without these leaders, the path to success is much more difficult. Technology is not the sole driver of success for a company, but it has the potential to drastically improve many different operations, both now and in the future.

In addition to the need for talented IT executives, businesses are also recognizing that the best CIOs, CTOs, and other top technology leaders need a diverse set of skills to perform their jobs well. From cooperation with other leaders inside an organization to facilitating the use of technology across operations (and often for customers as well), a CIO in 2018 has a much more involved job description than his or her counterparts from two decades ago.

“At the time we launched the CIO of the Year Awards, the majority of media awards and recognition were for products, not the people who implemented them to create value for their organizations,” Bell said. “Looking ahead, we believe the awards are a great excuse to annually convene the best of the best in major cities, foster meaningful relationships, and celebrate technology leadership success. Ultimately our goal is to help CIOs achieve their leadership potential.”

By recognizing outstanding performers across some of America’s biggest technology markets, the CIO of the Year Awards highlight some of the most noteworthy accomplishments.

Here is a list of the winners from the 2018 Georgia CIO of the Year Awards by category:

Bob DeRodes, President & CEO, DeRodes Enterprises – Lifetime ORBIE Award recipient

Juan Perez, Chief Information & Engineering Officer, UPS – Super Global ORBIE for multi-national organizations with over $5 billion annual revenue

Sean Kramer, CIO, SiteOne Landscape Supply – Global ORBIE for multi-national organizations with over $500 million annual revenue

Marie Mouchet, VP & CIO, Colonial Pipeline – Enterprise ORBIE for organizations over $500 million annual revenue

Paul Falor, CIO, North Highland – Corporate – Large ORBIE for organizations up to $500 million annual revenue & over $10 million annual IT budget

Gregory Gatti, VP IT, Atlanta Braves – Corporate ORBIE for organizations up to $500 million annual revenue & under $10 million annual IT budget

Calvin Rhodes, State of Georgia CIO, Georgia Technology Authority – Nonprofit/Public Sector ORBIE for nonprofit, government & education organizations

Jaspal Sagoo, CTO, Centers for Disease Control – Healthcare ORBIE for hospitals & nonprofit healthcare organizations

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