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Announcing the National CIO Review Weekly Digest

July 20, 2018



We’re excited to announce that the National CIO Review is launching the Weekly Digest this Friday, a once-per-week email for subscribers with new published material, curated outside articles and announcements from the CIO Partners team.


What’s in the Weekly Digest:

All the content in the Weekly Digest will fall into one of the following categories:

  • New articles or interviews from the National CIO Review

  • Previously published material from the National CIO Review that we think is worth a second look

  • Curated, outside articles on leadership and technology from top outlets that we think are worth your time.

  • Announcements or news from the CIO Partners team


First and foremost, the National CIO Review is a weekly email with recent articles and news from our team. Since we’re publishing articles more often now, we want to make sure we update our followers on our latest content and supplement it with other worthwhile material. We’ll also occasionally include links to older stories or interviews from us that readers may have missed, or that we simply think are worth another read. As an additional offering, we will curate a brief list of outside technology articles that think will inform our readers. Finally, if CIO Partners has any exciting announcements or updates, you’ll find them in these emails as well.  


In short, the National CIO Review Weekly Digest is a one-stop place to find our latest stories, exciting articles about technology and leadership that our team recommends and announcements on anything related to the larger CIO Partners team.


Why You Should Subscribe

At the National CIO Review, we pride ourselves on creating the best possible content, whether it comes in the form of interviews with technology leaders, leadership lessons from CIOs, or broader technology news. We take our readers’ time and energy seriously, and we’ll only include the highest-quality material in these updates. When our emails show up in inboxes on Fridays, readers will know they’re seeing something worthwhile.



The Weekly Digest is more than a newsletter or a collection of links, even though it includes both news and articles. This is a curated, weekly update that explains why we chose the articles we’re sharing and makes sure that everything we include is hand-picked and carefully vetted. Subscribe today, and follow our Twitter and LinkedIn pages to see everything

we post.





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