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COVID-19 Resource Guide for Technology Leaders

Nearly all organizations are facing some level of disruption to their operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the CIO has become a key player in their crisis-response plans. From managing the sudden spike in demand for remote-working capacity, to adapting user experiences to this “new normal,” the need for calm and capable leadership in the technology function is crucial.

We at The National CIO Review have compiled resources to assist technology leaders during the crisis. We will continue to update this article as more resources become available, so please check back regularly.

Articles and Whitepapers

What are your contingency plans for the coronavirus disruption of your business? Contributing CIO, Carsten Krause, outlines potential mitigation strategies for your organization during this crisis:  

Info-Tech Research Group offers a COVID-19 Resource Center along with related resources:

Collaboration With Your CIO Peers

Consider forums where technology executives collaborate with their peers from other organizations, such as the CIO Professional Network. Many of our readers are already members, and as they navigate uncharted or unfamiliar waters, they may especially wish to log in and utilize the Q&A Discussions section of the CIO Professional Network’s platform to post questions or start discussion threads, or to refer back to prior discussion threads. For more information or to request membership, click here.

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